Pets & Artificial Grass

Pets, particularly dogs will love the grass!

Many people considering the idea of artificial grass have pets and ask us how they will react to their new garden surface. Most of these people are dog owners. The answer is they’ll be fine – dogs treat artificial grass no differently to natural grass or turf.

In fact your dog, your family and the garden will all benefit.

Here are the main reasons why artificial grass can benefit dogs and their owners…

Dogs find artificial grass soft and enjoyable to run and play on and will readily ‘have a bathroom break’ on it. Moreover, it’s there all year round. Gone are the scorched brown, hard earth days, the ‘storm hit’ muddy to play days and the days they can’t play on the lawn because you’ve just put fertiliser or weedkiller down or are planning a long session of mowing & whipper snippering.
It’s also excellent around the pool area as there is no cut grass trimming’s flying into the pool and potentially causing maintenance issues with pool equipment.
You can enjoy your lawn free from dog wear and tear, staining and smells. The synthetic grass is perforated so any urine drains through the turf surface and any faeces can be removed easily; what’s more, the artificial grass fibres will not be harmed by this. A mild detergent will easily take away any odours and germs.
Due to the often inclement Australian climate, you won’t have your puppy rolling round in a dirty messy garden and bringing it into the family home.
The garden will not suffer from being dug up or the effects of dog urine/faeces and will be the same, luscious green all year round offering a safe, clean and odour-free environment for you, your dog and your family to enjoy.

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