Benefits of Artificial Grass

Benefits of Artificial Grass 2018-08-12T07:47:46+00:00

Artificial grass is hardy, so that you can expect it to last; particularly in areas of heavy usage. It is Australian manufactured so of the highest quality and supported by genuine warranty.

Installing artificial grass not only means you will have a durable surface – it also gives you the benefit of reducing your cleaning list. You only need to carry out minimal maintenance once the grass is installed, so no more mowing and whipper snippering on those 40 degree days, or getting down on your hands and knees to weed the grass. This, of course, generates you savings on time and up-keep costs, and is particularly useful if maintenance isn’t possible or practical.

As an added benefit, at Impressive Turf Solutions our artificial grass is permeable. This means it still lets water through when it rains, which is an important, environmentally-friendly factor to consider when selecting the right grass for you.

With no need to mow,  water the grass or apply fertilisers and pesticides, you are helping the environment, and saving yourself money.

We have 4 varieties for you to choose from or our team of expects can help make the right selection depending on your requirements. Learn more about our available varieties.

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